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I can’t reply to all requests and it’s sometimes difficult to get on the show.

If you would like to jump the queue you can purchase a place on the show on this page.

The reasons why you may wish to purchase an episode for yourself are:

* Your episode will be a next week release (treated as a priority).
* Promote your business/product in our conversation and I will promote the episode.
* Use the episode media with no restrictions on your own socials/site (media will be provided).
* Appear on the same podcast as celebrities, Tedx speakers, olympians etc.
* If there is something news-worthy on the episode, I will submit it to national press (I cannot guarantee acceptance of it though).

For the sake of transparency, it will be clear in the description of the episode, it is a featured/promotional one, but other than that, it will be conversational in nature much like the other episodes on the podcast.

Purchase your spot today…

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