#316 – The Power Of Your Subconscious With Leigh Woolard

We are all greater than any circumstance situation or condition that we’ve got. And that was very hard for me to believe before I started to do work in personal development. Um but anything that’s going on in your life, no matter what it is, if it’s financial, if it’s relationships, if it’s health, if it’s whatever, we are all greater and more powerful than that. So go on an investigation journey, but enjoy the journey as you do it. The Tom Screen podcast is owned and made possible by ethical marketing service. If you’re business is struggling with Google or Facebook ads, maybe you’re frustrated figuring it out or there’s a performance issue. Ethical marketing service has worked on hundreds of accounts and we can help in this area if you would like to find out if we can help. It’s a free no salesy consultation call and the link is in the description. Enjoy the episode. Thomas Green here with ethical marketing service on the episode. Today we have Lee Woolard. Lee. Welcome Thomas. Nice to meet you. Thank you for having me. Hello to your listeners very much. My pleasure. Would you like to take a moment?

And tell the audience a bit about yourself and what you do. Sure. So I, you can maybe tell by the accent. I was originally from Australia. Um I lived there until I was 19. Um So I moved over to the UK. I’ve been here 25 years now. Absolutely love it. I think it’s fantastic country, fantastic people. Uh came over here, brought my university over uh in my final year of university, set up a business that was in 2006. That was just as the um Google was really taking off in the UK. It had already taken off in the US but was taking off in the UK. And I was fortunate to land some really great customers in, in the early days who were early adapters of paid ads. Um They include silver Cross prams, uh the Mercedes Formula One team, um and some other global brands. And it was fantastic. I did that for up until 2018. Really, I’m grateful for, for what I was doing, but I was uh helping businesses grow a commodity and I had something in me that was, I wanted to help people make an impact.

Um So I started to have a look at coaching, didn’t really get off the ground and then uh had a health diagnosis of bone cancer and it was straight away at the time, it was the morning of my, my twin boys 10th birthday. Um So we had to go, I had to go home and break it to my, that, that’s what I’ve been diagnosed with and we had like 15 kids coming over for a kid’s birthday party. Um And immediately I was like, there’s something going on. I wanna figure this out and I do believe looking back at it now it was the wake up call. Um what was required for me to grow? Um That then took me on a, a um personal development journey, one to overcome the bone cancer that I had in a relatively short time. But then to see the principles of personal development, go wow, if you can apply these in your life. So with my family, with my kids and what I wanted and then into business first into my own business, then into some of the people that I was coaching and then it was like, ok, there’s something a little bit more powerful out there than just me running advertising for people and, and look, obviously, it’s an important factor, but it’s the external, um it’s the internal stuff that I find fascinating and, and how it’s changed my life.

Well, thank you for the introduction. Very powerful one. And um thank you for sharing it. Can you uh can you tell us what you did next? Yeah. So once I found out that I had bone cancer, um I started drug treatments and I’d already lost a couple of friends to cancer. Just in the previous few years. And I just thought I don’t wanna go down that track and I was looking, I was looking for something but I didn’t know what it was. And a Facebook ad had popped up in front of me from a, an old gentleman that seemed pretty wise. And he said your ways not working. Why don’t you try mine? And I thought that’s a pretty good analogy. Mine’s not working. I’m, I’m interested to see what he says. And that guy was called Bob Proctor. So he helped people in the personal development industry for over 60 years until he passed away in early 2022. He was my mentor for 18 months and he was coaching right up until the week before he passed. Um And he said to me once I, I joined his program, like everything’s a manifestation of what’s going on in your mind.

You can uh change this and he was so convincing and there’d been enough evidence that people had that. I was like, I’m willing to try anything cos I don’t wanna go down the conventional route of having treatment. And then that was the start of a journey really. I started with just focusing on my health because that was the number one importance. Um I wanted to play football with my boys. That was one of the big drivers. Um I wasn’t particularly well, so I was struggling to keep up with them and um and then as I got better is, you know, and I was visualizing and seeing myself spending more time with them playing football and walking with my wife down the beach and talking about life and where we were going. And at that point in time, none of that was showing up in, in my life. And then things started to happen and then I got better and then I was playing football with them more than their coach, football coach had to leave to move out of the country. So they needed a coach and I became the coach of their football team. Uh So now I have 17 surrogate sons. It’s, it’s absolutely wonderful.

One of the best things I’ve ever done. Um And I believe that it was the universe saying, you know, you wanted to, uh to spend more time with your lads. Here’s an opportunity and we train on a Thursday and a Saturday and we play on a Sunday and I love it and they love having their dad as the coach. So definitely, my life has changed a lot since 2019 to where it is today. Uh My, um, one of the inter interpretations I took from your answer is, um, that based on what your coach said to you, um you can cause things to happen in your life including, let’s say a recovery. Um If that’s the case, then uh it may be the case that the cancer was caused by something also. Um, did you have a theory about what that may have been? Great question. Definitely. So, from a young child I used to hold things in, I was frightened of making mistakes because of maybe a reaction, a reaction if you got it wrong or, and my parents were great. They were, but they were very young.

They were 17 when they had me, um, probably a little bit reactive, like a lot of parents are if they don’t have the awareness of what being reactive can do. And I was pretty introverted, although I expressed externally that I was confident and uppy and everything was OK. I used to have a lot of internal conversations and self doubt and self belief issues. Now, if you ask people that knew me growing up, they would have gone no chance. But I projected one thing. But internally I had this long battle for probably 30 years. So as uh my mentor had said to me, you’re holding everything in your bones. And it, at first it was hard for me to get my head around it. I was like, can this really be? But I was like, do you know I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. And I, and I was reading every day and understanding it and my belief just started to shift and once that belief had shifted and then I went to the doctors, they, they had prescribed me some, um, cancer drugs that I was taking. And they made me feel terrible and I just decided I’m stopping and I didn’t tell them, um, because I wanted to go on this journey and figure it out.

I had a blood test three months later and they said everything’s reducing, everything’s looking great. The drugs are working fine. And I was thinking, should I tell them? Should I not? And I just didn’t, and I was getting better. Three months later again, I go back, everything’s great. All your levels are coming down, you back where you should be. And I said, I’ve got something to tell you. And I said I haven’t been taking the drug and she was an Eastern European lady and she flipped, you don’t know what you’re doing. You could kill yourself. But I was very, very content with what I was doing and I could see the result and I’m grateful to them. It’s not to say, you know, if there’s anyone listening, you know, stop your drugs tomorrow, stop your treatment. You’re gonna be ok if you just think positively cos that’s not what I’m here to do. It’s more to say, go off and do some investigation because everything does begin with a thought whether that’s constrictive or expansive, um, and have a real deep look at why you may be causing something and I had to take ownership of it. Thank you for the answer. And, um, I mean, even even for a, it makes me think from like a scientific perspective, um inner conflict is gonna be stressful, right?

So, um and if you’re holding a lot of stress in your body, that is the catalyst if you like for a lot of um a lot of terrible diseases. Um So it does make sense. And um I guess the, the next logical question is if someone is listening and they are also, they also have that inner conflict, they’re not expressing themselves. Uh how based on the fact that you’ve, I mean, my perspective is that you’ve solved that problem for yourself. Uh How can other people do it? Sure. Sure. Great question. Well, actually I have solved it for myself. And then naturally what happens is people start asking me how I do or in business, people ask me how I’ve done it and then I help them as well. So I’ve seen enough evidence now to know that it works first and foremost, it’s best to have a look at anything that you’re holding on to from the past. We all have some forgiveness work to do whether that’s forgiving somebody else for something that happened to us in the past, or we have to forgive ourselves for a mistake we’ve made or mistakes we’ve made or both.

I had to do forgiveness work for both. Um And that was only my internal story and my internal belief. Actually, when I did the forgiveness work, I started to see a completely different perception of the whole situation and thought my God, why was I holding on to that for so long? But I didn’t have the skills. That’s why I did. And it led me to be able to, to handle it now. So first and foremost, have a look at the things that you’ve got worry, fear, doubt about. And if you’re constantly feeding that into your body, it’s toxic and have a look at the opposite side of that. So what is your dream? What is your vision? How would you like your life to look? How would you like your marriage to look? How would you like your health to look? How would you like your business to look whatever it is? Ok? Have a clear crystal clear vision of what that looks like and then have the faith that it’s gonna work out like that. So like I gave you the story before with my kids with football. That was the driver for me. I want to be healthy and seeing myself play football with my kids. And then I didn’t, I didn’t have the vision that I was gonna become their coach, but I was, I had a vision that I was gonna be playing more football with them and this is what’s happened and it’s the same now for business.

It’s the same now for health. I have a really crystal clear vision of what I want my health to look like and then I take steps towards it. Am I perfect? No. Drink coffee every day. I like one. Sometimes I have two and it’s not good for me. I can feel it. Sometimes I eat some rubbish food, but I also don’t know how I feel after it, but majority of the time I’ll walk, I’ll take breaths. I’ll make sure that I’m, I’m looking after my health. I drink plenty of water And naturally the result now is I have a fantastic health. So I feel better. Well, congratulations on all that. Um, certainly happy that you do feel better. Uh Would you say the answer is, um, to some degree, having an ideal to strive towards, would you say that’s a good summary? Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And for those that don’t know what an ideal is because when I first heard the word, I didn’t know what it meant. It’s having something that you would love. And that’s, that’s the question that I ask myself every day. What would I love? So that might be, you know, I would love to, um, be really present as a husband today or tomorrow when I’m coaching the kids at football.

You know, what would I love? Well, I’d love to be someone that inspires them that they look up to, that they don’t feel frightened to try something, um, and give them uh uh space to be able to grow as, as teenagers and young men. Um, you know, I’m not trying to coach the next England footballer. I’m trying to coach 14 year old lads that are going through hormonal changes at the moment that have got their own baggage that they’ve got in the background and I want them to come and feel that, you know, there’s somewhere where they can have fun where they can learn and develop, but they can also become great young men and not, um, you know, not stressed or, or, or frightened or uh insecure or got self belief issues. Uh Well, you mentioned um Bob Proctor, my um my perspective or perhaps better word perception is that I would imagine that coaching was fairly pricey, correct me if I’m wrong. Yeah, it was, but it was worth the investment. Uh uh Definitely from your perspective, I would imagine. But um in terms of what else you learned from that process, would you be willing to share anything significant?

Sure. One of the greatest lessons that I got out of it was studying each day now that might put some people off. But what it actually did was help me program and condition my mind. So instead of getting up late on a morning, I would get up earlier than my family and I would read for 20 minutes to half an hour. Something that would put me in a good state for that day because there was a lot of toxic or negative thinking internally. Again, I was projecting externally that everything was fine. But internally my first thought was constrictive and negative. So I would spend every day getting up reading for 20 minutes to half an hour and then just sitting and thinking about what I read and how can I apply that? And like I said, it didn’t happen overnight. The first three months I didn’t see a lot of change, but I had a lot probably to undo if I look back at it. Now, when I’m working with people or seeing people adapt and adjust because they’ve got me there to support them. We can say, ok, this is what you’re doing and this is why you’re doing it.

So when it’s a challenge, you can go OK, I need to step into this and really like, look at how I’m thinking how I’m feeling, what actions I’m taking and then the result that I would love and how these results happening. And is there a day um where you go back to the doctors and they tell you that you have the all clear? Oh, I did. Yeah. So 12 months later, I actually kept having blood tests every three months for two years. But what I found was I was like seventh or eighth in the queue behind seven or eight people that, that were dying and it was really uncomfortable for me and I knew that I was feeling better. Plus the results were telling me that I was. So I moved that to six months and then I think it was the end of 2022. Um, I had my last blood test and then I just said, look, the results on this. Now, tell me that I’m good. I don’t really wanna keep coming in one because it’s a reminder. I’m really grateful for everything they did without those blood tests. I’d have never had a measurement of what was going on and I certainly wouldn’t have had the courage to go down this path that I was going.

But even my family around me said, we know you, we know you’re gonna try something. But if it doesn’t work, you need to go back to the convention method. And like I said, I’m not, I’m not anti or, or f or for or against you, go with whatever you believe and whatever helps you. All I’m saying is there is another side to it that you can look at, I’m proof that it, it can change a lot. I’ve seen so many stories where it’s changed other people’s lives. And if you look at people like who bob Proctors help or Joe Dispenza or Mary Morrissey or any of those wonderful people, there’s too many success stories to say that thinking differently can change your results in all areas. And for those people who are, who like the idea of having, you know, the ideal or a clear goal. Um But they’re not really too sure where to start with it. Maybe it’s like, I don’t know what to do with my life. Uh, is there like an exercise that you would use to help them? Absolutely. Grab out a sheet of paper. Go somewhere quietly for yourself.

Set yourself 15 to 20 minutes because sometimes getting the start is the hardest. Just sit for that 15 to 20 minutes and put some things down on the paper. They don’t have to be perfect. But what would you love? That’s the question you wanna ask yourself and don’t sit there and go. Well, I’ve got no money in the bank. So I’ll make a decision based on that. Write down exactly what you would love, get a list together and then from that list, pick the one thing that stands out to you the most. And then from that start taking some action steps and feeling, getting into the feeling of it already happening. So that ideal that you were talking about seeing it happen. So again, that story that I gave you with me playing football with my kids, that was one of the things I wrote down that I would love. I didn’t actually write down, I wanna be their coach. But hey, the universe presented me with something. It’s this or something better and that’s what happens. And it’s the same in business, it’s the same in health. You end up getting things better than what you often ask for or you would love because you, you’ve built some momentum towards it and all of a sudden that toxicity that I had internally is not there.

Does it creep in every now and again? Yeah. But that’s usually when I know, ok, I’ve got some work to do here. Something might have triggered. Well, um, I’ve only, uh, asked this particular question, I think on one other occasion. Um, and you, you may not thank me for this one. But uh what is love to me? That’s when you’re in harmony with whatever it is that you want. So if it’s a relationship is the person that you’re with, are you able to become or be ha be in harmony with each other? Are you wanting to support and help each other grow? Because I, I believe that we all need to grow for it to work quite often. You see relationships that have gone stale because they’ve spent too long together and they’re not supporting each other. Same with your Children. Um Having the awareness to know what your love can do for your Children. And that just doesn’t mean giving them a hug or giving them a kiss. But it’s also how do you respond to them rather than react?

Many, many parents are very reactive because of stress because of work, because of everything that’s going on. And one reaction can change how your Children feel with regards to your job. I love what I do for work. Now, I found my ideal. And like I said, I’m not ungrateful for the, the work I did for many years helping the businesses that I helped. And I met some great people and made some great friendships. But it wasn’t what I loved now. I’m doing something that I love where I si come to work every day and, and the people that I support it doesn’t feel like work and the same with your health. What? So for me, love is, it’s deeper than just what you see on the outside. It’s that feeling that comes inside and, and having awareness to know. OK, what am I thinking, feeling and how am I acting but also impacts other people. Call as a cucumber. Mhm Have you ever been asked that before? No, not that way. No, I’ve been asked, what would I love but not asked what is love? Yeah. What do you think love is love? Oh I wasn’t prepared for that.

That’s you’re firing it out. You’ve gotta, I’d love to hear your perspective. I think the, the reason why I asked that question is, is it’s difficult to put it into words. I would say it’s probably more of a feeling. Um I think that’s probably subjective but I would say, you know, you love someone when you have a particular feeling that you, that comes to you, I think uh well done to you for putting it into words, but I, I’m aware that’s a bit of a cop out on my part. Um, you’re right. It definitely is a feeling and it, and it can mean more than just loving someone or, or, um, loving something can be loving yourself as well and everything that you’re doing. So, we’ve, um, we’ve got a piece of paper and we’ve, we’ve perhaps got our ideal and we’re, um, attempting to put that, you know, working probably each day to put that plan into action. Um, generally speaking, what are the, the things, the obstacles that are gonna come up along the way? Any thoughts there? Yeah, you’re definitely gonna have obstacles because they’re the learning lessons that are required for you to become the person that’s ready to receive what you would love.

And up until probably 2019, until I started studying, I was frightened of making mistakes or frightened of obstacles because I thought they were a reflection on me and my ability once I actually learned to embrace them and see them completely different, it’s only a perception shift and go ok. Those obstacles are a stepping stone for me to get to that place that I wanna get to. And actually it’s when you can fall in love with the journey and the process, the result at the end doesn’t really matter. And that’s one of the things that I taught the kids at football, they hadn’t won a lot of games for, for many years. They were ok, but they hadn’t won a lot of games. The only thing I really introduced to them was let’s make a load of mistakes so that we can all learn and take steps forward. And then when one child did it and the other saw how I responded, they all started doing it and all of a sudden they moved very quickly and it’s fascinating to watch Children because they don’t carry baggage like we do when they hit obstacles and you support them, they come through them very quickly.

And if anything, I believe our Children here as, as lessons for us. When you watch them, you go. OK, I need to take some inspiration from that and I wanna show them, I wanna show them, I can do the same thing and my kids are watching me constantly now, especially as I put videos out on social media and they don’t get a million followers within a uh you know, their first few days. And I say it’s part of the process. I’m just learning, I’m obviously still learning how to do it. Would you say it’s um reframing that particular word? Because I, I phrased it as an obstacle or perhaps uh a problem. But if it is just part of the process that’s necessary, then it’s actually not an obstacle or a problem. You say that’s a fair summary. Absolutely. Absolutely. And there’s always a lesson in it. So if, if, at first I wasn’t great at it and at first when I heard that I used to think, oh, that’s really frustrating. I don’t wanna hear that because the old version of me was, I don’t wanna make mistakes. Whereas when you actually see the people who’ve had the most success or the greatest success, they’ve had a lot of failures along the way.

Or mistakes or problems or obstacles. So you may as well if you wanna get there faster, make loads if you don’t wanna get there fast and you don’t like the uncomfortableness of it go slowly. There’s no problem with that. I think it’s um, a powerful point. Um, for whatever reason this comes to my mind and it’s, it’s kind of like a, a mindset problem in the sense that, um, it is, I think, true what you said, but I think it is also quite difficult for people like, um, you know, in, in theory, I think someone could agree to it. But then when that problem or obstacle comes up, they’re gonna be like, I don’t know if that’s, um, something that you can speak to. Yeah, absolutely. You’re absolutely right. And that usually means you’re at your upper limit. So when you get to that point and it is difficult, it means you need to learn the lesson that’s in it. And I see this all the time. I had to go through it myself first and I really, really dug deep each time and I still even, I’m going through it now as I try to impact more people or change what I’m doing slightly in, in my work or trying to get a new message out there, there’s always an obstacle that comes with it and sometimes it takes weeks for me to get through it.

And I go ok, but that’s cos of the learning lesson that I require. And actually it’s created a patience that I never used to have. So that was a lesson and I, and I thank for that lesson. Yeah, I I actually um have been thinking about that as well in the sense that um a a lot of problems, maybe not all problems, but a lot of problems can be solved by patients because um people want things immediately, right? Yeah, we all do. We all really would love it immediately. But the reality is there’s often a lesson that has to go in it. So you hear people saying, oh I’ve done a visualization or a manifestation for a big house, but I want to win the lottery so I can get it. That’s not, that’s not gonna help you grow. That’s why so many people who win the lottery lose the money. Ok? If you want those material things in your life, you have to one believe that you can have it. Two take the actions that can make it happen and provide a service that’s gonna give you the value exchange and the um studying that you were referring to uh first thing in the morning, I would imagine which will help with mindset related um topics.

Uh Have you got an example of um perhaps where people should start if they’re looking for that type of content? My first book that I read and I gift to, to most people is The Power of the subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. Um Great overview book. Um you know, goes into all areas, health, relationships, wealth. So, you know, sometimes people go, oh I don’t, the wealth section didn’t, didn’t mean anything to me, but you want to look for the underlying message that’s in it. And, and, and when you’re asking what’s one of the things I’ve done with study, one of my mentors said to me, read one chapter per week and don’t read any more than that. So if you finish one chapter in one night, highlight the bits that stand out to you and then go back over those and you know, sit with it and have a think about, OK, why is that resonated with me or why is that stretched me and challenge me a little bit. Don’t just look for all the things that you agree with. Look for the things where maybe you’ve got a belief where actually you go.

OK? How could I apply this or why is this? And again, when you first do it, it, it, it doesn’t hit you straight away, but I’ve done it for four years now and I start to see things and I start to go, ok, this particular bit’s not resonating with me. I’ve obviously got some work to do here and that was the thing I discovered over time. And um now that you’re a, a coach, helping people, um do you have any, should we say case studies that um that you’re proud of that you could share? It’s a good question and I don’t normally bring this one up, but I’m gonna bring, I’ll bring two up for you. So the first one was a health one. I had a guy that was referred to me, um someone who’d been given six months to live and he said, I’ll try anything. And I knew at that point he was where I was. So I started him off reading that book and that’s the first thing I, I see their commitment if you read the book and you take your time and you really digest it, it means you’re serious. Now, I’ve had people who had six months to live that chose not to read the book and they’re no longer with us.

Now, I’m not saying the book has the answers, the answers are within you and the work you’re willing to do. He created a vision for what he would love, which was a house in the Pyrenees. So him and his family could go on holiday and um he didn’t enjoy the job that he was working 80 hours in, there was a lot of stress around money and he was becoming more distant from his wife. And then 12, with six months, three months in six months, in 12 months in, he’s messaging me and I could see him getting better. He’d gone past the, the date that the doctor had said. And now he’s actually helping people that have the same diagnosis that he had. And he said, look, sometimes I feel a bit smug at what I’ve been able to get through and I’ve got to pull myself back because they were telling me that I only had six months to live and now he has his house in the Pyrenees. That was something that he messaged me about three months ago. And again, it’s not about the material stuff that he’s accumulated, but it’s watching somebody make a plan and apply it and, and it really was a, a very similar story and similar case to mine.

So that’s one of my favorite ones with regards to health. And before we move on from that cos I, I feel like it’s a, a significant point. Um Was it to do with the, did you notice the inner conflict in that was similar to the way that, that you had? Yeah, definitely. He was holding on to stuff from his past and then his beliefs and stress and there was a lot of toxicity in his body from the way that he thought once he started to change what his focus was on. So he, we’re not um denying that there’s some challenges there. But what happens to a lot of us with that story is we hold on to that story and that’s what defines us and we spend most of our time in that story. Just spend a little bit of your time. Acknowledge it and go. Yeah. OK. It wasn’t great. Well, that’s not good or I don’t feel good about that, but what would I love and spend 95% of your time focusing on that? It’s healthier, it’s better energy. And it takes again, that doesn’t mean you’re, you’re just deflecting what happened, but you’ve gotta let it go because if you don’t let it go, it’s gonna create the toxicity that then manifests in your body and then becomes a disease.

That’s where the word disease comes from. It’s a disease in the body and the um the, the stress that builds up is um uh I, I wanted to mention about the fact that you, you’ve recommended the book um And it’s had a big impact. Um Is there anything significant that you would be willing to share from the book that you haven’t already that you think would help? Um There’s a really great video that I put out on my Instagram. The first video that you can see and it talks about the power of the subconscious mind and it, I do a diagram with it again. I got that from one of my mentors and I just go into it a little bit more from my perspective. But in the book, it talks about how our thoughts of fear, worry, anxiety, cause suppression into our bodies. And when you’re reading it, you can go. Whoa, that’s me. And it wasn’t until you get to the other side where you start to go. OK. This is what you need to do and then apply it and remember I hadn’t applied it for 40 years in my life.

So I had to, ok, it was a back against the wall moment that made me take action. All I’m trying to uh make people aware now is don’t wait for that moment. It’s not fun. Well, I’ll put that link in the description uh for anyone who’s uh bright enough to go and watch it. Um I interrupted your flow. What was the second example? And, and my next examples are people in business. Business is what I’ve done most of my life. Um I had a cus or I have a customer that uh is based in the States as two businesses, one of them was struggling financially. He had experts come in and, and basically say to him, look, the numbers don’t add up. This is what it looks like we think you should close it. And I could tell within him that he didn’t want to do that. It was his first business that he’d built up. But he’d, uh some things and challenges as we have in business and he’d taken his eyes off the ball and it was costing him money, it was losing money. And I asked him the question, what would you love? And he said this business was my baby.

I want to turn it around. And then we got a list out. We wrote a list of potential things that he could do. He picked out one of those things and within three months he turned it around. That’s now a multimillion dollar business. So the lesson in that is external factor, the bank balance didn’t look good, close it. When actually, when he went deeper inside him, he went, this is what I would love to do and watching him turn that business around so quickly and then now put things in place again. He’s looking back at his history going ok. They were the mistakes that I made, but they all had a seed of a learning lesson in it and I won’t be making those mistakes again. He’s still making mistakes now, but he quickly goes, ok. There’s a learning lesson there and I understand why. And when you see people do that, it changes their life because their business now is not the definition of them and dictated to them, which is what was happening to me. I was trying as a good dad to, you know, pay our bills and be there on a weekend and come home in a great mood every night and it, it’s not always easy, especially if you don’t have the skills.

And that’s the bit that I love teaching people because you see their lives change and they actually start enjoying again, doing the thing that they love. It’s a great, great message. Um And I love your, uh your outlook. I think it’s, um and I also wanted to just mention that the, the example that you gave about essentially saving someone’s life. Uh I’m not sure if you put it that way, but that’s how I interpreted it um is incredibly important, but it’s also like the prevention as well. So if you go around spreading this message and then, you know, there’s a preventative method to that, that I think is very uh very important. Um Is there anything that I should have asked you about today? I think we’ve, we’ve got to where we are. Hopefully I’ve maybe inspired one person or helped one person. But if there’s any more than that, I think it’s a fantastic podcast and uh you asked great questions. So thank you for having me. Well, you’ve inspired me. So, um I certainly appreciate that. Um For people who want to hire you, where did they go? Um Before they hire, go and check out my videos first, there’s videos on Instagram.

Uh if you’re more of a linkedin or even tiktok now, um There’s no dancing. But um they’re all educational as best as I can and dive into a few of those first and, and make sure it resonates with you. And then I have workshops that crop up every quarter. Um come and join a workshop. We can go through some of the stuff we spoke about today and, and you can start working on, on a vision for a life that you, you would love. And do you have any closing thoughts for us today? The one I love, we are all greater than any circumstance situation or condition that we’ve got. And that was very hard for me to believe before I started to do work in personal development. Um But anything that’s going on in your life, no matter what it is, if it’s financial, if it’s relationships, if it’s health, if it’s whatever, we are all greater and more powerful than that. So go on an investigation journey, but enjoy the journey as you do it. And that book will certainly help you start. It’s a great message. And um Lee, thank you for being a great podcast guest today. Thomas. Thank you.

Really appreciate it all the best.